Notation and Transcendence in 21st century Music
paper given at IMR Notation for Improvisers Conference, London. Feb 9th, 2019

free improvisation, modes of playing, gestures
given at Internationale Tagung "Improvisation als Gestaltungspraxis", Hochschule Düsseldorf, 3/5/19

Music and the Myth of Wholeness
book published MIT Press, February 2016

the tasks of a composer
first published in "Cosmic Orgasm - The Music of Iancu Dumitrescu"
ed. Andy Wilson. (London: Unkant, 2013)

Transcultural Collisions
presented at the symposium "Shamanism: Siberia at the Centre of the World" SOAS, London, 2007.

Musicians, Carvers, Shamans
from Cambridge Anthropology, Vol 25, no 3, 2005/2006

Sibérie, Cybernétique, Si bémol
Conférence tenue le 7 août 2004 à Brassy (Nievre - France)
à l'occasion du Festival Fruit de Mhère

Shamanism and Improvisation
English version of above

Sampling, Power & Real Collisions
Resonance, 5(2) 1996

Interview with Pierre Schaeffer
ReR Quarterly 2, 1, 1987

Technology and the Tradition of European Art Music
ReR Quarterly 2,1, 1987